Some observations in the Comcast / Netflix debate

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As you might have heard, two major US internet companies, Netflix and Comcast, have announced this weekend that they will connect their networks together. Before this deal, an other provider, Cogent Communications, connected the Netflix servers with the network of Comcast. By no longer using the other provider, Netflix expects to be able to provide […]

Politics, or why nothing really changes

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A lot is written about the impact the culture of an organization has on its ability to change. The common idea is that culture is something that is hard to change; therefore when the culture doesn’t support rapid change, it will often also be difficult to adapt to new ways of driving innovation. Less information […]

Why the creation of personas can benefit from quantitative research

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With the slide „Personas are bollocks” he certainly made sure he got the attention of the audience during his PechaKucha at the Service Design Global Conference 2013 (an overview of this conference can be found here). The field of creating personas is dominated by qualitative methods and to some therefore considered „non-scientific”. Stephen Masiclat (picture) explains […]

SDN Conference 2013: The changing role of Service Design

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As I indicated in an earlier article I left for the Service Design Conference 2013 (SDN2013) with some kind of mixed feelings. Is Service Design a proper method for making strategic decisions on an organization level, or even on a product level? If not, can it at least provide information for senior management to make strategic decisions? […]

Some remarks on politics and strategic decision making

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It was some time ago that I stumbled upon an article called  written by Randy Hunt, Creative Director of Etsy. In all honesty, I initially only read the title and didn’t thought about it much. I was convinced that the Design competence was crucial to getting the flow of innovation in many organizations going again. […]

The Product Team

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In an earlier article on strategic design the Product Management competence was introduced. As a starting point the classic book of Haines, , was used which defines the competence as business management at the product, product line, or product portfolio level. It is the competence that maintains not only existing products and services, but also […]

The role of Product Management

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In several articles I wrote about the changing role of Marketing in organisations. As written, these changes are caused mainly by the faster pace at which products and services need to be developed. Traditional Market Research is to much focused on what happened in the past. Though the findings may be relevant, by the time […]

The new focus of the Marketing competence

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In my article “The fading relevance of the marketing competence” I wrote about the decreasing role the marketing competence is starting to play in developing future products and services for customers. One of the critical issues is the lack of proper understanding of future customer needs, as the traditional market research lacks the methods of […]

The fading relevance of the marketing competence

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In my article “Complex Systems and Design” I gave an overview of the changing world we live in as described by the author Irving Wladawsky-Berger. In the article, I mention a couple of the observations Wladawsky-Berger makes when it comes to the changes that are occurring: We move from a product and services based world […]

Complex systems and Design

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Some time ago, a colleague sent me an e-mail with a link to an article written by Irving Wladawsky-Berger. The report was about the importance of design in managing complex systems and offered several fascinating insights into the way these systems behave and develop. As a result, I started to follow the blog more regularly. […]

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