About shorts

by Ivar Slavenburg

As a content curator for two internet magazines, Strategic Design (via Flipboard) and Liberalism (via Paper.ly) I read a lot of different articles everyday about a variety of subjects. Probably it is not a surprise that I come across a lot of weird stuff.

To be honest, ever since I started using a browser on my computer decades ago I have formed an insatiable curiosity, resulting in the habit to click on really anything. Fortunately, another habit that I developed is to ignore most of it.

Doing so quickly learns you this. Like all animals, humans are mostly rational, but at the same time they can be incredibly irrational on specific things. The latter we often call a hobby. If it gets to weird, we call it a strange habit or even a delusion. Sometimes it gets outrageous, up to a point it becomes dangerous for other humans, or other species of animals of even plants. And sometimes it is just cute, funny and totally harmless.

So I added “Shorts” as a category to Strategic Design, to write about all these things a little. Hope you’ll enjoy it.