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Some remarks on politics and strategic decision making

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It was some time ago that I stumbled upon an article called  written by Randy Hunt, Creative Director of Etsy. In all honesty, I initially only read the title and didn’t thought about it much. I was convinced that the Design competence was crucial to getting the flow of innovation in many organizations going again. […]

Technical and Non-technical innovation

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In past blogs I wrote about both the history of the word innovation and the classification of innovation. As it turned out, this was not so easy to do. The word Innovation and the verb derived from, to innovate, are used in many different circumstances and as such it can be defined a little bit […]

Classifying Innovation

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Earlier, I wrote about the history of the word “Innovation”. As it turned out, the use of the innovation was closely linked to invention. Hence the title of my article, “No innovation without invention“. Innovation is about asking the right questions Writer Greg Satell has written a lot about Innovation. In a series of articles […]

No innovation without invention

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When we are talking about Strategic Design, the term Innovation is never far away. It can be said that strategic design is a method to drive innovation. Since these terms are so linked, it seems worthwhile to have a closer look at what they mean. As both businesses and governments seems to agree that there […]