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Time to take your privacy a bit more serious

Posted on 18 March, 2015 by & Filed under BlogsFeatured.

Ever since the Snowden revelations privacy is a big subject. A recent report from PEW revealed that Americans did take action to protect their online privacy better. On the other hand, companies like Facebook and Google, who mainly make their money by selling your, anonymised, private information to anybody, are still showing healthy profits. The […]

The new focus of the Marketing competence

Posted on 11 November, 2013 by & Filed under Blogs.

In my article “The fading relevance of the marketing competence” I wrote about the decreasing role the marketing competence is starting to play in developing future products and services for customers. One of the critical issues is the lack of proper understanding of future customer needs, as the traditional market research lacks the methods of […]

The fading relevance of the marketing competence

Posted on 3 November, 2013 by & Filed under Blogs.

In my article “Complex Systems and Design” I gave an overview of the changing world we live in as described by the author Irving Wladawsky-Berger. In the article, I mention a couple of the observations Wladawsky-Berger makes when it comes to the changes that are occurring: We move from a product and services based world […]