Trump is just a symptom for the problems of the Press

by Ivar Slavenburg

Author David Graham in an article in the isn’t doing the press, nor himself for that matter, a favour with his one-sided piece on the bad relationship between the press and Donald J. Trump.

Yes, the attacks of the US President on his advisories, including journalists, are often a bit childish; his latest video bashing CNN isn’t the most ‘presidential’ response to the problems the station is currently facing due to its continual hammering on the Russia conspiracy that simply doesn’t want to materialise. However, this is the price you pay as a news organisation if you prefer to report based on sympathy and dogma, instead of limiting yourself to reporting and explaining the facts.

In his article, nowhere is Graham even mentioning the continuous, vicious attacks on the President by the press, nor the unsubstantiated claims about him colluding with the Russians to steal the election. Graham wants to make you believe that until now the press has only rationally and factually written about Donald J. Trump, which makes it completely unfair of him to attack them so viciously.

Apparently, Mr. Graham is unaware or blatantly ignorant about the incredible bias against the candidacy and presidency of this man, as shown by his peers in the so called objective and self-declared ‘Main Stream Media’, not to mention the irrational fears they have spread about mass deportations, environmental mayhem and the thousands of deaths due to revoking #Obamacare if he got elected.

According to Graham, “In a democracy, the press is the means by which ordinary citizens gain the information necessary to make informed decisions and to judge their elected representatives.” That’s factually untrue, other media have already taken over much of that responsibility, especially since the press for years, at least in the eyes of a significant portion of the public, did such a poor job.
While Graham notices the low trust ratings the press has with the general public and tries to link this to the current President, he fails to mention these ratings were low (and declining further) long before this president even hit the scene. Donald J. Trump might be a problem for the press, but he’s not the cause of it, just a symptom.

Clearly, Donald J. Trump in his role as US President has to grow up a bit and learn to deal better with critique on his performance. He should understand his actions, both good and bad, influence the lives of millions of people, not just the cronies linked to his business empire.

However, if the press really wants a better relationship with this President, maybe they should stop behaving like children too. Some self reflection would be nice, especially if they still honestly think and have the ambition to be the most important source by which people judge their representatives.



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